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Dr. Jay Richards: Former Presbyterian

March 30, 2015 No Comments

Jay grew up in a Presbyterian family in Texas. He credits his best friend growing up, who was Church of Christ, with his knowledge of the Bible. When he went off to college he experienced a crisis of faith from the challenges he met in class. The writings of C. S. Lewis and the Holy Spirit brought him back from the brink. While in seminary at Calvin College, he did a study of the Calvinist doctrine of limited atonement. This would be the first crack in the wall of the Calvinist edifice of his theological system. Years later, he decided to systematically set down a list of the controversial differences between Catholics and Protestants. To be fair to the Catholic position, he, for the first time, read about the Catholic doctrines as written by Catholic authors. This honest and thorough investigation would lead him home to the holy Catholic Church. Jay is author of many books including the New York Times bestsellers Infiltrated (2013) and Indivisible (2012). He is also the author of Money, Greed, and God, winner of a 2010 Templeton Enterprise Award; and co-author of The Privileged Planet with astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez. His most recent book, co-authored with Jonathan Witt, is The Hobbit Party: The Vision of Freedom that J.R.R. Tolkien Got and the West Forgot. He is an Assistant Research Professor in the School of Business and Economics at The Catholic University of America, a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, and executive editor of The Stream. For more information, go to: