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Dr George Harne: Former Anglican/Pentecostal

May 7, 2012 No Comments

In the early days of the Pentecostal movement, the grandfather of Dr. George Harne moved from Maryland to Pensacola, Florida to start a new church and to host a radio program.  This environment shaped Dr. Harne for the first seventeen years of his life.  His grandfather’s example and the teachings of the denomination left Dr. Harne with a sense that “God is everywhere and working at all times”.  With college came the broadening of his religious perspective, particularly through the study of history and his involvement in a Christian group, The Navigators.  Dr. Harne attended Presbyterian then Anglican churches as he moved deeper into medieval music and liturgy through college and then graduate schools.  Ultimately, it was in reading John Henry Newman and the early Church Fathers, that led to Dr. Harne’s conversion into the Catholic Church.  Today, Dr. Harne is the President of Northeast Catholic College.