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Dr. David Anders: Former Presbyterian

February 8, 2010 2 Comments

David grew up in a conservative evangelical Presbyterian church, believing that the Catholic Church was the church of Satan. He attended Trinity Evangelical Divinity School to learn to debunk Catholicism. Through his study of St. Augustine of Hippo, who is revered by Protestants, he discovered that his teachings were thoroughly Catholic, as were all the Church Fathers! He discovered that his American evangelical faith was not found in the early Church, or even in the 16th century but only came about in 18th century revivalism.

  • Michael

    WOW. Dr. David Anders you, sir need to be in apologetics full-time!! Great dismatling of sola-scriptura. Brilliant and concise explanation of its inherent faults. Bravo sir!!

  • Michael

    Well, I just downloaded EWTN’s phone app and when I was perusing their features I noticed you ARE an apologist already. So my “apologies”! Just the same, you are great to listen to.
    Thank you