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Dr. Bryan Cross – Former Pentecostal, Reformed Presbyterian and Anglican

August 31, 2017 2 Comments

As a young man raised in the Pentecostal tradition, Dr. Bryan Cross felt called to serve the poor overseas as a medical missionary.  However, as he was wrestling with issues of faith, and studying the human body, he began to ponder the metaphysical meaning of the human person as a combination of invisible and visible realities.  He realized he needed to do more studies in philosophy, and began attending a Reformed seminary.  That  line of exploration led him to the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, and eventually the Catholic Church.

If you’re someone who’s interested in philosophy, and getting down to the metaphysics of what it means to be a human person, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Dr. Cross’s episode!

  • Pam

    Really cool to hear a story very similar to mine– grew up in the COG (Cleveland), went non-denominational, then stumbled into Anglicanism, got hooked on liturgy, and was finally led into the Catholic Church. God bless!

  • Brenda Butcher

    Really enjoyed watching your story today. Your beginnings were similar to mine but I married an Agnostic and we did an intellectual study of what they held as true and visited their church. This went on an were parents of three little boys. This had also included going through an RCIA in the Catholic Church but we didn’t join. I finally ask him, “We have these three boys what church and we going to raise our boys in. He said Catholic, I was a little shocked but I said ok. We went to the same parish and did the six weeks of preparation and I was conditionally baptized with my Husband and three sons Baptism all together. It was necessary for me to go to Confession and that occurred just before the Baptisms. My husband died one year later. I was with him, he was awake, he ask me to help him eat so I was feeding him sitting on the edge of the bed facing him. He took some bites, then he said slow down. I am following his instructions when he looked up over my right shoulder with a surprised look on his face, He lifted both arms but his eyes were still over my right shoulder. It seemed to me that there was conversation that I could not hear and he stretched his arms more in the same direction and he was no longer present in the body but was in the upper part of the room I realized he was leaving me. I begged him to stay but he made the better choice. I was devastated.
    My test came a few weeks after his funeral I picked up my 5 year old son at kindergarten. His teacher was a social friend. She said to me, Well now you don’t have to stay in that Catholic Church… I thought about it and I thought no I don’t, then I thought where would I go. So I stayed. But it was little by little in going to college and taking Theology and other courses and personal reading and courses and especially reading and taking a course in the reason for suffering John Paul ll in his Encyclical on Suffering and how the holy spirit could be in the written word. It was so powerful I couldn’t set in one place. I knew the pope was holy, Then Pope Benedict XVl! He explained so well the Gospels also Reading the Early Church Fathers are so powerful. These kept me in the Church, But the Greatest Reason why I could never leave the Church is The Eucharist, where could I go to be so close to my Lord.