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Dr. Anthony Caruso: Catholic Revert

October 22, 2012 No Comments

Dr. Anthony Caruso, a reproductive endocrinologist, joins Marcus in reflecting on his faith journey which began in Boston in the early post-Vatican II days.  A son of Italian and Irish parents who grew up across the street from one another, Dr. Caruso found himself immersed in the Catholic culture.  From fourth through eighth grade, he attended St. Paul’s Choir School in Cambridge and was formed in the traditions of the Church.  His education continued in Catholic schools through college and medical school, but there began to be a disconnect between his faith and its practice when serving as a physician in a rapidly-changing environment.  It was not until he seriously examined the Church’s teaching on reproductive issues that Dr. Caruso made the life-alterring decision to leave his practice in order to be true to the Catholic faith.