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Dr. Alice von Hildebrand: Life-long Catholic

October 23, 2000 No Comments

Marcus and Alice von Hildebrand talk about the conversion and life of her husband Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand (1889 – 1977). Dietrich von Hildebrand’s father was an artist who was knighted by the King of Bavaria. Dietrich was born and raised in Florence, Italy with no religious influence. Even so, Hildebrand developed a deep belief in Jesus at a very young age. Influenced by the writings of Max Scheler, he became a Catholic in 1914. An early outspoken opponent of Nazism, he was forced to flee Germany and eventually arrived in America, where he taught for many years at Fordham University, in the Bronx. His first wife died in 1957. He later would marry Alice, a former student. Dietrich von Hildebrand was the author of many books, among them were: “Man and Woman: Love & the Meaning of Intimacy” and “The Trojan Horse in the City of God: The Catholic Crisis Explained”. Dr. Alice von Hildebrand’s biography of her husband is entitled “The Soul of a Lion: Dietrich von Hildebrand”.