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Doug & Lani Bogart: Former Non-denominational Missionaries

June 26, 1998 No Comments

Doug was raised in a “heathen home”. He had a radically transforming conversion to Christ when he was nineteen. Lani was brought up in a devout Christian family. When she was a young girl she gave her life to Christ. After that she wanted only to serve Jesus.  After they were married, they served the faith in several different ways. In 1990, they were sent by their church to Guatemala to help the people. They were missionaries there for six years. Over the years, many questions arose in their minds, such as, the Eucharist and the role of authority in the church and which interpretation of Scripture is correct?. Their life began to change when some friends sent them a copy of a book entitled Surprised by Truth. They were soon on the journey to full-communion with the Catholic Church.  The host of this episode was Jeff Cavins.