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Denise and Tim Mergen- Mother and Son

July 26, 2016 One Comment

Denise Mergen remembers two of her college roommates getting abortions, and the negative impact it had on their lives.  When she married a Catholic, her priest suggested that she and her husband get involved in a ministry that they could both agree on, and so Denise got involved with helping post-abortive women.  Along the way, she found herself building on her faith background in the Church of Christ as she finally became convicted to follow Christ’s call into the Catholic Church.

Her son, Tim, was the youngest of four- born shortly after Denise had tried to convince her husband to have a vasectomy, and he had refused because of his Catholic faith.  Tim would go on to find success as a fighter pilot in the Air Force, and become engaged to be married before making the hard decision to follow his convictions and enter seminary to study for the priesthood.

It’s a great episode for anyone who’s interested in the pro-life movement, especially as it ministers to those who’ve been affected by abortion, and also a wonderful window into vocational discernment.  Watch and share!