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Denise Bossert – Former Presbyterian

April 16, 2019 No Comments

Denise Bossert’s dad was a preacher who at various points served both Wesleyan and Presbyterian congregations, and she had a personal relationship with Jesus from early childhood. Later, her husband would briefly serve in Methodist ministry before the marriage failed, and Denise found herself at the bottom of everything with no satisfying theology of suffering. Through the help of Carmelite saints such as John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, she was able to understand the sacrifice of Jesus in a new light. Her final personal obstacle was Marian theology, but even that was resolved in extraordinary ways, leading her to joyfully enter into full communion with the Catholic Church.

Denise also recounts some great insights from her experience of leading pilgrimages to the Holy Land, with some reflections on the incarnational nature of our Catholic faith, and some fascinating tidbits about some of the sites related to the most important moments in the Gospels.