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Deacon Patrick Lappert – Convert from Judaism and Atheism

November 29, 2016 No Comments

Deacon Patrick Lappert married a Catholic, and went along with raising his children in the faith because he thought it would be a nice way to teach them to live according to moral principles.  A former member of the Jewish faith who now considered himself an atheist, his plan was to enlighten his kids once they grew up, letting them know all religion was based in superstition.  As he continued to attend Mass with his family, he began to see that much of his mistrust for religious authority was related to the pain he experienced when his parents divorced.  In addition, as a surgeon who had put all of his trust in material processes, he began to see that there was no necessary conflict between science and religion.

Deacon Lappert currently serves as the chaplain of the Courage chapter in Birmingham, Alabama, where he assists those who experience same-sex attraction in living spiritually fulfilling lives as members of the Catholic Church.