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David Utsler: Former Charismatic Episcopal Priest

June 30, 2000 No Comments

David wasn’t raised in a Christian home. He knew what the Gospel was through the witness of his grandmother. In his senior year in high school he had a radical conversion to Jesus Christ. Within six months he felt a call to full-time ministry. He went to Bible College and was ordained a Non-denominational Charismatic minister, where he served for 9 years. Following the teaching of Calvinism, David found the deep significance of God’s covenants with his people. Building on the covenants he began to study to see how apostolic authority was structured and lived out in the early Church. He discovered a group called the Charismatic Episcopal Church, and in 1993 he was ordained a priest of this new denomination. After much more study, he concluded that, though they were doing a good thing, the Charismatic Episcopals were reinventing the wheel. On Easter 1996, David was received into full-communion with the Catholic Church.