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David Shawkan – Former Muslim

August 2, 2017 2 Comments

David Shawkan was born Muslim, and grew up in Iraq.  His family didn’t have much of a place for Jesus in their devotional life, but he remembers that his mother had a special love for Mary, and even carried a rosary.

While David was working away from home, war broke out in Iraq.  He returned to his community to find chaos, terrorism, and constant threats against him and his family because of his work as a US contractor.  When he was finally able to flee the violence and get his family settled in the United States, he began to ask deeper questions about faith.  Who was this God who had been watching over his family and protecting them through so much instability and danger?

After a series of mystical experiences, and a deep dive into the New Testament, David and his family knew they had to be baptized.  It was that desire that led them to the steps of the Catholic Church.  Do yourself a favor, and watch his powerful testimony!

David has also shared his story in written form on our site- read it here.

  • John

    Wow is right Marcus! That was a powerful witness of the grace and love of God that is available to all.
    David’s love of the Eucharist is touching. Your comment at the end of the program has doubled my thankfulness for what Jesus left us and of the meaning of John Chapter 6

  • Kim

    David’s story of his and his family’s conversion is so beautiful and inspiring! I appreciated how Marcus pointed out at the end how meaningful it is to see our Catholic faith through someone like David’s eyes as he and his wife learned about the many parts of the faith that we might take for granted because we are so used to the faith. Thank you for sharing your joy in the Lord, David. You and your wife and family have a special insight as former Muslims, which it seems may come in handy should you ever have the opportunity to share with other Muslims who may be curious about Jesus and the Catholic faith. Thank you and may God continue to richly bless you and your family!