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David Sanborn – Former Nondenominational Pastor

July 16, 2019 No Comments

David grew up in a family of missionaries, and from an early age was taught to have a personal relationship with Jesus and to rely on the Holy Spirit. That led him to Wheaton College, where he got a degree in theater, and went on to act in secular roles before discovering a passion for playing Biblical roles, including King David and Jesus. All along, he felt that God was blessing him, but also that something was missing, and that God was calling him to something more. When he finally became an ordained minister and was preparing to preach on John 6, all of the pieces came together for him and he knew that the same Holy Spirit that had been guiding him all along was now guiding him into full communion with the Catholic Church.

We first met David at one of our Coming Home Network retreats; if you’d like to know more about those, visit