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David & Kristen Harty MacDonald: Former Presbyterians

June 20, 2011 No Comments

Although David MacDonald was born into a Canadian Presbyterian family, it was in name only.  It was a rough environment which led to exposure to drugs and stealing at a young age.  David discovered the guitar and found it a good way to satisfy his innate desire for attention and affirmation.  At 19, he found himself in NYC and beginning a career in theatre and music.  But the more success he attained, the more unsatisfied he became.  David became driven and continued to have opportunities in entertainment.  The pregnancy of his girlfriend, followed by an abortion, only made him work with more fervor – and more drug abuse.  At age 25, it all came crashing down as David blew out his voice completely.  His rising career was over.  David shares the remarkable journey from that low point, through New age religion, to a protestant revival, to his divine encounter in the tomb of Brother Andre in Montreal and his eventual conversion to Catholicism.  Unbeknownst to David, after 25 years of celibacy, his wife-to-be, Kristen, was being led by the Holy Spirit on her own journey of conversion.