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Dana Krull – Former Church of God (Anderson, IN) Military Chaplain

Dana Krull | March 14, 2017 5 Comments

Dana Krull, a former military chaplain and member of the Church of God (Anderson, IN), discusses how the experiences he had during his military service and his developing understanding of the meaning of Holy Communion brought him home to the Catholic Church. For Dana, the more he began to reflect on the physical importance of the incarnation of Jesus, the more it made sense to him that Christ would leave physical observances– the sacraments– as ways for his followers to continue to engage with Him after his ascension.  A must watch for anyone in a military family!

  • jmjriz

    Dana, I just watched this at 0 Dark 30 and if Providence isn’t at work I might just as well be recycled to Phase I and the worm pit. Thanks for taking the plunge and inspiring me to do the same. Jen and I will be praying for you and your family. See ya on the high ground!

  • susan d

    Dear Dana, thank you. I became a Catholic 45 years ago this Saturday, and what you said about the Cross — that it is heavier than ever I thought, and touches every particle of my life — spot on. Thank you for your openness and your obvious love for your wife (and hers for you!) Bless you! (I can’t say it gets easier. But your yoke-fellow is God Himself, and your communion companions are the saints.)

  • Kyle

    Welcome home!!! My wife and I watched your story and have been praying for you and your family. I’m active duty myself and I am wondering if you were able to earn military retirement? Do you know of Army Chaplain Fr. Tyson Wood? He has been on the same program. He was able to return to duty as a Catholic chaplain after converting. We need Catholic priest so much in the military. I hope you can join their ranks.
    God love you,
    Kyle Moore
    (kylefmoore[email protected])

  • Judy Wirtz

    Dear Dana,
    You mentioned on the CHN that Jesus quoted from the seven OT books that are missing from all but Catholic Bibles. Can you give some examples of those quotes and where they are found? It would be a great help when talking to our non-Catholic friends.
    Judy Wirtz, Indianapolis
    [email protected]

    • floroy

      Perhaps you look at this topic at the website of, Deuterocanical Books in the New Testament and look for the quotes in your bible.