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Curtis & Michaelann Martin: Reverts from Evangelicalism

June 23, 2000 No Comments

Curtis and Michaelann were both brought up in devoted Catholic families. He experienced all the rites of passage as other Catholic children, but they didn’t touch their hearts. Michaelann became enamored with secularism in high school. They both met committed Evangelical Christians in college, Curtis by Non-denominational Christians and Michaelann by members of the Church of Christ. After making friends some Evangelical students he rejected all things Catholic. Continuing to read Scripture, Curtis began to see passages that could only be properly understood in a Catholic context. By following this path he found his way Home to the Catholic Church. Michaelann always had a longing for more in her faith, our Lord Jesus called her home through the Holy Eucharist. Curtis is the President and Founder of FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, one of the fastest growing movements in the Catholic Church. For more information, go to: