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Cris Fouse: Former Episcopalian

September 8, 2014 2 Comments

Cris grew up during World War II while her father was fighting the war in Europe. She learned the faith from her grandmother who taught her the Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm and the Methodist congregation they attended. After she was married, she and her husband bounced through several denominations finally ending up in an Anglo-Catholic Episcopal parish in Texas, in 1979. She fell in love with the liturgy and the sacraments. Wanting to work in ministry, she applied to seminary and was accepted into the University of Dallas, where she focused on studying the catechumenate to educate new Christians into the faith. Through her work in teaching new converts and forming a catechetical program, she was invited to come and teach in Africa. She would eventually make 34 trips to Africa to teach her catechetical program. At the same time she began to long for the unity of the Church and to be shocked and appalled at the developments she was seeing take place in the Episcopal Church and Anglicanism in general. Through these events, God would eventually lead her into full-communion with the Catholic Church.