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Chuck & Jo Ann Wilson: Former Congregationalist & Life-long Catholic

June 13, 2011 No Comments

Chuck and Jo Ann Wilson share the story of their journey of faith as individuals and as a married couple.  Chuck’s family proudly wore the colors of 13 generations of protestantism, like members of an elite club.  Religion or politics was not to be discussed, however, it was all about the message of achievement.  Chuck pursued his college studies, never darkening the door of a church, and began life in the military in Atlanta, GA.  It was then he met his wife-to-be, Jo Ann – a devout Catholic.  Their early days of marriage were all about getting ahead in the business world.  But five years into their marriage (now living in Columbus, OH with two children) Chuck had a wake-up call as he experienced a 30-day hospital stay due to a serious medical situation.  Through the witness of his roommate, Chuck experienced a religious stirring which began a self-examination.  Chuck and Jo Ann take the viewers through the dramatic events in their lives which God brought them into the full faith of the Catholic Church and the many blessings of their marriage, in their family and in their walk with the Lord.