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Chris Hiles – Former Churches of Christ in Christian Union Pastor

December 16, 2016 No Comments

Chris Hiles’ parents had a conversion experience as adults, shortly before Chris was born.  Much of his upbringing took place around a Christian camp in central Ohio, and so from the very beginning, Chris learned a love of the Scriptures and a love of Christ.  As he went on to become a pastor himself, he started to notice that some of the pastoral advice that St. Paul gives to St. Timothy in the New Testament didn’t seem to line up with his experience, mostly because the heirarchy in his denomination didn’t look like what St. Paul was describing.  That, combined with having to shut down the first church he pastored,  got Chris asking some tough questions about what the body of Christ was supposed to look like.  Eventually, he found himself on a journey where the things he’d always loved about his faith wouldn’t be tossed aside, but would find deeper meaning and resonance in the context of Catholic Christianity.