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Charlie McKinney: Former Southern Baptist

February 17, 2014 No Comments
Marcus Grodi welcomes former southern Baptist, Charlie McKinney.  Growing up in Alabama, Charlie and his family were active in the church in a community and culture that was predominantly southern Baptists.  In fact, Charlie does not recall even knowing a person of the Catholic faith until arriving in Washington, D.C. post graduation.  It was there, while working in the political arena and then in Delaware, where his horizons were broadened and he began to experience some inconsistencies in his Calvinistic theology.  As his journey continued, it reached a critical point with the arrival of his first child and the dilemma of infant baptism.  Charlie’s study of scriptures and the works of the Church Fathers was the turning point for him and then his wife.  Today, Charlie is the president of Sophia Institute Pres