Growing up in the heart of conservative Mennonite and Amish communities in Ohio, Chad Gerber has fond memories living in the Mennonite tradition, though, he was not particularly spiritual.  That changed when, at the age of 15, he had a
a profound religious experience while attending a Young Life camp.  It was a life-alterring event.  He soon met his wife to be and by the time of college several years later, Chad had a clear sense of direction in his life.  He realized he had a passion for studying theology.  It led to an undergraduate degree, two seminary degrees and a PhD. from Oxford University.  Chad describes the journey of faith which was deeply affected by his in-depth study of the New Testament and the early Church Fathers.  A three-day retreat at John Henry Newman’s home in Littlermore was particularly significant.  He and his family returned to their roots in Ohio before ultimately converting to Catholicism in 2008.