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Bryan Kemper: Former Presbyterian

January 23, 2012 No Comments

Bryan Kemper shares his dramatic conversion from the pit of destruction due to drugs and dark lifestyle to wholeness in Jesus Christ.  Bryan describes how right from the start he had battles – being clinically dead and brought back to life – to bouncing around until being reunited with his birth father at age 12, already heavily involved in the drug scene and in much trouble.  A dropout of high school and being kicked out of the army, he continued down the road to ruin.  But a caring doctor intervened with a simple, yet provocative message and a church’s intervention of love during a time of drug withdrawal opened the way for God’s grace.  Bryan says his passion for music and his growing involvement in the pro-life movement led him on a faith journey that eventually brought him full circle back to the Catholic Church; this time, as a devout follower of Christ.

Today, Bryan is the Director of Youth Outreach for Priests for Life as well as president and founder of Stand True.