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Brandon Vogt: Former Evangelical

September 26, 2011 No Comments

The first 18 years of life for Brandon Vogt were lived in the Presbyterian tradition.  He was active in worship, Sunday School and youth group, yet, Brandon claims, the significance of the person of Christ and knowing an interactive God were not things that registered.  During his junior year of high school, he met an engaging young Catholic woman.  Their dating continued into college (they both chose to enroll in Florida State University) and each participated in the campus offerings of their respective faith upbringings – Catholic for her and Protestant for him.  It wasn’t until his junior year, however, that he began to become more serious about his Christian formation.  It was the beginning of a spiritual awakening for Brandon.  Ultimately his Methodist campus pastor would introduce him to Brother Jason, a religious who shared a similar history to Brandon, and who would help Brandon find his way into the Catholic Church, and as the evangelist writer and speaker that he is today.