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Brandon Sheard: Former Non-Denominational Evangelical & Calvinist

Brandon Sheard | November 30, 2015 One Comment

Brandon grew up in a Christ centered home where he learned the love of Jesus Christ. His father had attended seminary to be a minister, but he chose the of vocation at a husband and father instead. The sermons in his church were focused on exegetical preaching. In college, Brandon majored in English. There he learned that there were problems with only reading Holy Scripture with an exegetical method was an unstable foundation for his faith. He became increasingly aware that he was crafting his own spirituality. This was the beginning of a journey that led him firstly through Calvinism and then ultimately to the Catholic Church.

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  • Mike

    The bible study of the book of Romans was instrumental for myself remaining a catholic. I didn’t think that the catholic church could have a good explanation of what Paul was arguing there. The Lord surprised me with this bible study, by how much more sense it made compared to the understanding my ex-catholic uncle gave me (Grace Community). Once you see Paul’s use of the Old Testament quotations there is no turning back! Thank you Lord, thank you Scott Hahn, thank you to the priest who gave me the cassette tape of Hahn’s conversion story (in the mid 1990″s) from the trunk of his car in a store parking lot.