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Bishop John Barres – Son of Former Brethren Ministers

August 30, 2016 One Comment

When Bishop John O. Barres’ parents met, they were studying to become ministers at Yale Divinity School.  His father’s fascination with Church history, and his mother’s quiet intellectual curiosity led both to become Catholic.  As they raised young John, he was introduced to many of the brightest Catholic minds of his parent’s generation: Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Frank Sheed, Fr. John Hardon, and Fr. Walter Ciszek, to name only a few.  Along the way, he answered the call to the priesthood, and is now the shepherd of the region of Pennsylvania where he was raised.  If you’re looking for an exciting window into the intellectual movement that shaped and sustained the Church in the post World War II era, this episode is for you!

Bishop Barres’ father’s book is “One Shepherd, One Flock.”