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Biff Rocha: Revert (background in Campus Crusade for Christ)

November 25, 2013 No Comments
Biff Rocha grew up in a nominally Catholic home, but, in his mind, he was a “good Catholic”.  Looking back on his formative years, Biff realizes that he lived at a time when catechesis was more about feeling good than learning Church teachings.  His faith was something reserved for Sundays and had little to do with the rest of the week.  It was not until his first year in college that Biff came to connect the Jesus in the Bible with the Jesus of history – a revolutionary concept.  Though remaining a practicing Catholic, Biff got involved with Campus Crusade for Christ and Bible study.  After graduation, he stayed on with this para-church organization, but interestingly, continued growing in his Catholic faith, through personal study and further formal education.  Biff shares with Marcus some connecting points for evangelizing non-Catholics.