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Barbara Heil – Former Charismatic, Pentecostal, and Word of Faith

September 19, 2017 7 Comments

Barbara Heil’s path to full communion with the Catholic Church took a lot of detours!  She was baptized Catholic as an infant, but didn’t discover that fact until decades later.  As far as Barbara knew, she was what she called a “10th generation heathen.”  When some friends invited her to a charismatic prayer service, she accepted Christ, and was immediately on fire for her newfound faith, even going on to pursue ministry training.  Along the way, she met some Catholics who were also involved in Charismatic prayer, but she had trouble understanding how they could be truly Spirit-filled AND Catholic at the same time.  Eventually, the more she dove into the Catechism, and grew in her love of the Scriptures, she could no longer deny the desire God had placed on her heart to follow Christ into the Catholic Church.

  • Natalie Rosamund

    Thank you so much for sharing your great journey Barbara. You are such an inspiration, especially for evangelism. And thank you Marcus for twenty years of journeys home– what an adventure-filled, remarkable journey! I’ve learned so much by watching the show. And I have chronic pain, and listening to the stories soothes me somehow. God bless you and all at The Coming Home Network!

    • susan d

      Bless you, Natalie Rosamund, for carrying your cross! You are part of God’s ministry! Thank you!

      • Natalie Rosamund

        Oh thank you so much Susan! How kind of you, thank you for your encouragement! God bless you:-)

        • susan d

          My dear, as Barbara says, Jesus is very much alive! I came into the Church as a Catholic charismatic 45 years ago. The feelings of great joy God gave me then have not lasted, but there is a deeper sense of purpose and a profound pleasure when I can know I am fulfilling my (little) allotted job in the greater Body of Christ. The World, my own Flesh, and of course our old Accuser Satan, all want me to feel alone and unlovely, to feel sorry for myself, to think my cross is worthless. If you ever have those attacks, I just want you to know, you are not alone. And you are VERY lovely! The Holy Spirit delights to dwell in your heart! Let us pray for one another!

          • Natalie Rosamund

            Dear Susan, everything you said I love and how you said it! I am still in the finding my purpose stage. Thank you for sharing some of your story– it’s beautiful, and yes carrying our crosses matters profoundly– I think of our lives like little gardens we each need to tend. So often it all seems so small, that our efforts won’t matter to the world. But they really do! And what you said about Satan’s lies is also what He says to me– your writing it out helped me see the lies clearly, thank you! I shall keep you in my prayers Susan. And you are so lovely and special and you are not alone!! We are abiding in the vine and shall flourish!

  • Gail Johnson

    Hi Barbara. Gail from RI. Just BEAUTIFUL….

  • NenaPR51

    Another inspiring testimony! Thank you Barbara!