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April Bright: Former United Pentecostal

February 16, 2015 10 Comments

April was brought up in a faithful United Pentecostal home. When she was a little girl her mother taught her about God and prayer. From and early age April had a close relationship with Jesus. By the time she was eight she began to see problems in Scripture with the United Pentecostal’s denial of the Holy Trinity, even though, at that time, she hadn’t heard of the Trinity. By the time she was 12, she began to feel that there must be something more. Feeling she was just pretending at church she stopped attending. In her later teens, April started searching the internet for a church. Studying many denominations, she couldn’t find one where she could see as home. This part of her journey lasted about 15 years. She attended a Baptist church for about a year until the pastor began preaching on doctrines she couldn’t accept, even though he was teaching from the infallible Bible that she did. Soon after a friend was inspired to look into the Catholic faith. Through viewing EWTN, April’s years of searching and her many questions began to be answered. Thus began the final leg of April’s journey Home to the Catholic Church.