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Maria Hasselgren & Alida Haavik Drolsum: Former Lutheran and Secular

June 21, 2010 No Comments

Maria Hasselgren was reared in the Lutheran church in Sweden but was exposed to the Catholic faith while on vacations in Spain and Italy. She always would feel God’s presence in Catholic churches. In college she majored in Church History. While on an internship in South Africa she was impressed by the faith of Catholics. After returning to Sweden she was received into the Catholic Church. Maria is now the Press Officer for the Catholic Diocese of  Stockholm. Alida Haavik Drolsum in Norway was not reared in any faith. As a child she was searching and felt out of place among her Lutheran classmates. As a young girl she struggled with depression.  Her interest in composing music was an avenue which led her to the Catholic faith. Alida is still a composer and glorifies God through her music.