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Alexandra Peoples – Convert from Judaism

Alexandra (Kogan) Peoples |
May 22, 2019 No Comments

Alexandra Peoples had roots in Judaism on her father’s side, but it was more of a cultural identity than a basis for religious devotion. As she started down the path to a successful career, she found that all the things that she thought would make her happy — a good education,  a good job, a good professional reputation — weren’t enough to satisfy the longings of her soul. Through a series of providential encounters, including the discovery of an old prayer book, Alexandra found herself drawn more and more to faith in Christ and membership in His Church.

Alexandra Peoples has strong Jewish ancestry, but didn’t practice any faith at all until as a young adult, she discovered the beauty and truth of the Catholic Church. She has appeared on The Journey Home, and also on CHNetwork’s Signposts and Insights video series.

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