Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Al Kresta, and Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God (Rosalind Moss) join Marcus Grodi to reflect on 20 seasons of Journey Home episodes, and the common themes that come up for people who begin to consider joining or returning to the Catholic Church.  This was a special extended episode- there was so much to discuss, EWTN granted us 90 minutes instead of the normal hour that’s usually allotted for the program.  It’s a great panel, with great topics- we really think you’ll enjoy this commemorative look back at the history of The Journey Home and some of the people who’ve been involved in it for two decades!

  • Robert Herness

    I have watched multiple episodes of conversion stories on the CHN, but this episode with Fr. Longeneckar, Al Kresta, and Mother Miriam was outstanding. How do I order a copy of this on DVD?

  • Jill Naumann

    Absolutely moving discussion. On of the very best episodes of The Journey Home. Thank you so much for this episode and for the many years of wonderful programming.


    oh gosh ,i missed watching this episode live ,as i thought it was rerun .