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And The Truth Will Set You Free: How I Was Reconciled to the Catholic Church

Kathleen M. Gavlas |
Anglican & Episcopalian, Assemblies of God, Conversion Stories, Pentecostal | 8 Comments

I have to begin my conversion story by relating something of my family life. My father worked for the government as an air traffic controller. They transferred him wherever they wished even though he had a family. So, we moved from state to state when I was a little girl. My youngest brother and I were born in Minnesota, our home state. I was born in 1948 in Minnesota and baptized October 31 that same year in Selma, Alabama, which tells how often we moved. My other brother and sister were each born in a different Southern state. Because of our constant moving, establishing a stable spiritual home was quite difficult for us.

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God Writes Best with Crooked Lines

Ercy Joy Ghiringhelli |
Assemblies of God, Conversion Stories, Evangelical, Nazarene, Pentecostal | 3 Comments

Growing up a cradle Catholic in Argentina, Ercy Joy Ghiringhelli had a powerful experience with Jesus in the Eucharist. However, over the course of life, she became attracted by revival in Protestant churches. She eventually became an ordained Nazarene pastor and worked with the sick and suffering, until flipping channels one day, she came across an episode of The Journey Home.

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My Pearl of Great Price

Sissi L. Baker | Baptist, Conversion Stories, Pentecostal | 10 Comments

My father was the pastor of a few different churches throughout Ohio and West Virginia during this time. He began as a Pentecostal minister, and would later go on to pastor a Baptist church. My father never attended a seminary, although he received his preaching credentials under the teaching of another Evangelist via postal-mail. I remember as a young girl, my father worked hard at his biblical studies. He continued to work full-time as a carpenter to provide a decent living for his family, but on many evenings, he would slave over a stack of books for long hours.

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