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Deep in Scripture 2014

Baptism: The Wages of Sin is Death, Romans 6:12-23

Marcus Grodi and Dr. Kenneth Howell |
November 14, 2014 No Comments

Listener email: “Infant baptism coming to life is mere theological fiction.”

As a result of death and resurrection of Christ, we are no longer slaves to sin. But there is still the danger of going back, choosing the slavery we had before. We need to understand the trajectory of our choices and continually inform our consciences by the standard of proper teaching.

Listener Email:

“Dear Marcus and Ken, I have a problem with your emphasis on baptism as the means and source of this new life in Christ. What Paul says in Romans 6:4 is all well and good except that in my life, for most of the people I have known, including myself, baptism seems to have had no effect whatsoever. My ‘old self’ and ‘sinful body’ were certainly not freed from sin. It wasn’t until I was an adult that my life changed when I put my faith in Christ and saying that this is merely my infant baptism coming to life is mere theological fiction.” — Jim

Scripture verses: Romans 6:12-23

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