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St. Cyprian of Carthage on Willingness to Suffer – Marcus and JonMarc Grodi

August 20, 2020 No Comments

Marcus and JonMarc Grodi continue their series on St. Cyprian of Carthage’s treatise on the Lord’s Prayer by looking at one of the most difficult aspects of what it means to pray the seemingly simple phrase, “thy will be done.”

It can be manageable to live that principle when it comes to obeying directives from God, or changing negative behaviors; but what are we supposed to do when it comes to applying that principle to accepting the harm that others intend for us? Are we supposed to be doormats, or should we demand justice? Where is the balance?

In this episode, Marcus and JonMarc explore the mystery of suffering, humility and the Will of God, and look at how submission to God’s will means not that we’re called to solve a problem, but rather enter into a mystery.

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