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Chain Reference Bible Study & Paul’s Reasons For Writing, Romans 15:14-33

April 29, 2015 No Comments

In this section, St Paul moves on from deeper theological and ethical teachings to discuss why he has written so boldly to the Roman Christians, why he has not visited them, but why now he plans to do so. In these verses, we hear allusions to the power of the mysteries, or the sacraments as they will be called: to the changes that he as a bishop can assume are true in the lives of all baptized Christians; to his responsibilities as an “ordained” missionary bishop; and to the liturgical sacrifices of the Eucharist. Paul confesses that all that he has written them and all that he has accomplished throughout his missionary journeys is not the result of his own efforts, but what Christ has wrought through him. He is merely seeking to be obedient to Christ and his calling, and this will now mean, God willing, taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Email: Dear Marcus and Ken, an Evangelical friend of mine studies his Bible every day, using a chain reference technique. He goes from one verse to the next following references in his chain Bible. Is this a valid trustworthy way of studying God’s Word? Thanks, Sam

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