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Email Question: Why does God bless non-Catholics? – The “Invisible” Church and Romans 12:9-21

March 25, 2015 One Comment

Email: Mr. Grodi, I have heard you quip many times & in your books that when Scripture says (1 Tim 3:15) that the pillar and bulwark of the truth is the Church, Jesus could not have meant the thousands of denominations divided by contrary interpretations of Scripture we now have in our world, for how could an invisible church of faithful believers be the pillar and bulwark of anything? This may sound reasonable, but if this seeming disunited diversity is contrary to God’s will, then why does God continue to bless hundreds of thousands of non-Catholic Christians? Why does He continue to use these non-Catholic Christian traditions to inspire and evangelize thousands of people every year around the globe out of darkness, into faith in Jesus Christ, away from sin, into prayerful, devotional lives, and even out of secular lives into lives dedicated to ministry? With so few people worldwide converting to the Catholic Church, it appears God is quite willing to work with a universal invisible church just as it is? Thank you, Aran.

Scripture verses: Romans 12:9-21



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