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Deep in Scripture 2014

Praying to Saints and Dying to Sin, Romans 6:1-14

Marcus Grodi and Dr. Kenneth Howell |
November 7, 2014 4 Comments

On today’s episode of Deep in Scripture, Marcus and Ken start by taking a listener question on the Scriptural basis for prayer to the saints and for our departed loved ones. They examine some relevant Scriptures and then turn to the tradition present in the Early Church Fathers to see how the early Christians regarded such practices. They then move on to their continuing study of Romans 6:1-14, discussing the meaning of Baptism and how Christians should respond to sin.

Listener email: With All Saints and All Souls days coming up, where in Scripture is there any foundation for praying to saints or praying for departed souls? Thanks, Connie

Scripture verses: Romans 6:1-14


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