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“Hard Verses”: The Hard Teachings of Jesus — Deep in Scripture Radio

Marcus Grodi and Jim Anderson |
December 7, 2015 No Comments

Renouncing all our possessions? Hating our mother and father? These sayings are hard! What does Jesus want from us who are called His disciples? Marcus Grodi and Jim Anderson look at these verses through the eyes of Catholic tradition.

Listener email: “It seems all of the verses that have been chosen for Mass readings each week could be considered ‘hard verses,’ mainly because most Christians today essentially ignore the clear meaning of what Christ was saying to his disciples. We either have an easy explanation that lessens what He was saying, or we simply ignore what He said. How can we hear and practice what Jesus was saying?”

Scripture verses: Luke 14:15-24, Luke 14:25-33, Mark 12:38-44

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