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Deep in Scripture 2015

“Hard Verses” with Patrick Madrid

Patrick Madrid |
October 22, 2015 One Comment

Call no man father? Is there salvation outside the Catholic Church?

As a Protestant pastor, Marcus Grodi assigned one of three labels to Bible verses: “Clear, Cloudy, Cyclonic.” Cyclonic verses were the “hard verses” to interpret. Member of the CHNetwork and prominant Catholic apologist, Patrick Madrid joins Marcus to share a few of his own “hard verses” (“Call no man father,” does Christ save all people, and the Catholic teaching of the sinlessness of Mary).

Scripture verses: Matthew 23:9, 1 Timothy 4:10Romans 11:17


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Patrick Madrid

Pat was reared in a faithful Catholic family. He always had an intellectual commitment to the faith but it wasn’t until he was a young adult that he had a deep interior commitment to Christ. Pat is a full-time Catholic apologist, the editor of Envoy magazine and the author of the books including the Surprised by Truth series, Any Friend of God is a Friend of Mine, and Pope Fiction.

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