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Deep in Scripture 2015

Predestination vs. Human Free Will, Romans 9:14-33

January 22, 2015 One Comment

As a Calvinist pastor, Marcus Grodi avoided preaching on Romans 9 and the Calvinist doctrine of predestination. Today, Marcus and Dr. Kenneth Howell continue their study of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans and discuss the mystery of God’s omnipotence and human free will. We know that God must be all-knowing, and something cannot not happen if God knows it is going to happen; yet, we know that human beings must be free, because human beings are held orally responsible for their actions.

A few key points for today’s discussion:
1) This is Paul’s Theodicy—i.e. his justification of the ways of God.
2) His purpose is to explain the ways of God in allowing the Gentiles to share in the Jews’ privileges of the Covenant.
3) The text never says that God predestines people to damnation.

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