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Deep in ScriptureDeep in Scripture 2006

How To Truly Hear Jesus, Matthew 7:24-29

Marcus Grodi and Jim Anderson | December 6, 2006 One Comment

How do you respond when you hear the words of Jesus, especially if He is calling you to either do something you’d rather not do or stop doing something you like to do? And for that matter, today in the twenty-first century, how do you know if and when you are hearing the words of Jesus? Is it sufficient to merely read the Bible to hear Jesus? When people wear a WWJD? Bracelet and try to guide their lives by the question, “What Would Jesus DO?”, this presumes that they are hearing what Jesus says and then trying to do it? So how can you be sure you are hearing Him correctly, and is this important? This is what we dill discuss today on Deep In Scripture.

Today’s Show Notes

Jim’s Notes


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