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Deep in ScriptureDeep in Scripture 2007Ephesians

The Will of God, Ephesians 1:5-12

Marcus Grodi and Jim Anderson | July 11, 2007 No Comments

Marcus Grodi and Jim Anderson continue their Deep in Scripture study of the Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians.

One of the most common questions I received when I was a Presbyterian pastor, and mostly from young adults, was “How do I know God’s will for my life?” Whether it was concerning which college to chose, which career to pursue, which person to marry, or road to take at the fork, sincere Christians wanted to know how to direct their lives according to God’s plan. But does He have a clear, stated, predestined plan for our lives? And if He does, do we have the freedom to chose? Or are our lives all laid out for us, from the beginning of time? This is part of what we will be discussing today on Deep in Scripture.

Today’s Show Notes

Jim’s Notes

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