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St. Paul Warns of False Teachers, Acts 20:28-32

Marcus Grodi and Jim Anderson | April 11, 2007 No Comments

From the very beginning, the enemy—the devil—has tried to stop the message of the Gospel—“the Word of His grace”—from spreading. During the life of Jesus, the enemy hardened the hearts of the very religious leaders who should have understood from the prophesies of scripture who Jesus was and why he came, but instead they turned away and had him crucified. After the resurrection of Jesus, sin, death, and the devil were defeated, yet the enemy refused to give up. He continued his war against God, doing everything he could to stop the proclamation of the good news. And one way he did this was by sending into the Church wolves in sheep clothing, men in the guise of faithful, trustworthy Christian leaders, yet who taught a false, incomplete gospel. This is what we will be discussing today on Deep In Scripture.

Today’s Show Notes

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