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Messianic Prophesy, Wisdom 2:12-22 (3rd Anniversary Show)

Jim Anderson |
January 6, 2010 No Comments

In this Deep in Scripture third anniversary show, original guest host, Jim Anderson, rejoins Marcus Grodi to discus the Revelation of Christ to the world, especially in the Book of Wisdom. They also discuss how the Old Testament was complied, and what the Book of Wisdom (The Wisdom of Solomon) is.

Scripture verse: Wisdom 2: 12-22

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Jim Anderson

Jim was brought up in a nominally Methodist home. As a boy he was sent to Sunday school but his parents didn’t attend. Even so, he had a growing longing for God and gave his live to Christ on many occasions. During college he joined the Lutheran church, attracted by its liturgical worship. While in college, he became active in an ecumenical evangelical fellowship, where he met Catholic of loved Christ. While majoring in history, he discovered the Early Church Fathers, who started him on a serious journey to the Catholic Church. He was received into the Church while attending a Protestant seminary. Jim is currently the Senior Advisor – History & Theology for the Coming Home Network International.

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