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Deep in Scripture 2015

“Hard Verses” — A new Deep in Scripture series launches!!!

Jim Anderson | October 8, 2015 2 Comments

The Deep in Scripture Podcast is returning with a new series entitled “Hard Verses”!

Today’s topics: What does it mean to “rejoice” in suffering? How does one interpret Scripture correctly?

As a Protestant pastor, Marcus Grodi assigned one of three labels to Bible verses: “Clear, Cloudy, Cyclonic.” Cyclonic verses were the “hard verses” to interpret. The Coming Home Network believe that to be deep in history and deep in Scripture is to become deep in Christ. This idea is based on the teachings of John Henry Newman and St. Jerome, both committed to Jesus and His Word. In fact St. Jerome once wrote: “To be ignorant of Scripture is to be ignorant of Christ.” In this quote, we see all three aspects of this idea, for Jerome was an early Doctor of the Church, who dedicated his life to the study of Scripture and devotion to Christ.

Every episode we will explore what it means to be “Deep in Scripture,” interviewing a special guest about a Scripture verse that they would have considered “hard” to interpret, apply, or even preach! We’ll see how they came to better understand and interpret the scriptures in a wider context of Christian history and tradition.

We will announce a new podcast every other week with a new guest and “hard verse” they wish to focus on. These are “hard verses” so we welcome hard questions which we might use on the podcast. We want this program to be a discussion of the passages of scripture we all wrestle with, so we welcome any scripture question or comment you have.

As Christians, we all should be growing deeper in our understanding of Scripture. We hope these podcasts will be thought-provoking and challenging but ultimately an encouragement and aid in your journey with Christ.

What are your “hard verses”? Send us your questions and/or comments:

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