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Importance of the Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible — Hebrews 11:35

Gary Michuta |
December 3, 2015 No Comments

Marcus Grodi and Gary Michuta talk about the importance of the Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible and how they impacted New Testament passages like Hebrews 11:35. Gary can be found at

Scripture verses: Hebrews 11:35 (see also 2 Maccabees 6:22-23 & 30, Hebrews 1:3Wisdom 7:26)

Mentioned resources: 

Gary Michuta

“Gary Michuta is a nationally known Catholic speaker, author, and apologist. He was the director of Thy Faith, Inc., a non-profit lay-run Catholic apologetics apostolate and editor of its magazine Hands On Apologetics. Gary has written several books on apologetics including Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger: The Untold Story of the Lost Books of the Protestant Bible (Grotto Press, 2007), How to Wolf-proof Your Kids: A Practical Guide to Keeping Your Kids Catholic (Grotto Press, 2009), and The Gospel According to James McCarthy (Grotto Press, 2003). His latest book, Making Sense of Mary (Grotto Press, 2013), helps non-Catholics and Catholics better understand and appreciate Mary’s role in God’s perfect plan of redemption. Gary has debated prominent anti-Catholic apologists and teaches online middle school and high school classes in apologetics for Homeschool Connections. He is frequently a guest on such programs as Catholic Answers Live, the Son Rise Morning Show, Catholic Connection with Teresa TomeoKresta in the Afternoon, and EWTN’s Deep in Scripture and The Journey Home. Gary lives in south-east Michigan with his wife Christine their three children.” (Taken from

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