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The Donut Man on St. Paul — St. Paul for Children

Rob Evans |
January 14, 2009 No Comments

Marcus welcomes his long-time friend Rob Evans, “The Donut Man,” musical presentation to children regarding the life of St. Paul. Rob Evans has sold over 6 million children’s albums world wide. In this episode, he offers 5 songs about St. Paul followed by commentary from his new children’s effort “Paul in a Basket.”

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Rob Evans

Rob, better known as The Donut Man, grew up in the Presbyterian Church. And when my parents divorced, when he was 6, they stopped going to church. When he was 19, he was “born again” in a charismatic Pentecostal group. In 1982, his brother-in-law took a picture of him peeking through a doughnut for the cover of his first album, it was called “Musical Donuts.” The Donut Man grew from there. Disunity among Protestants and Rob’s discovery of St. Thomas Aquinas were major factors in his coming Home to the Catholic Church. Visit his website at

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