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The Road to Emmaus, Luke 24:13-35

Tim Drake |
August 5, 2009 No Comments

In this “Year for Priests,” Marcus asks guests to choose Scripture verses that have specifically inspired them to follow Jesus. Marcus welcomes Tim Drake, former Lutheran to discuss how the story of the Road to Emmaus opened his eyes to the importance of the Old Testament in understanding Jesus. They also discuss the Eucharistic themes of this story.

Scripture verse: Luke 24:13-35

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Tim Drake

Tim was reared in a faithful Lutheran home in Minnesota. He fell in love with Christ while preparing for confirmation as a teen. In college he lived in the Lutheran campus ministry house. He considered the possibility of becoming a pastor but instead became a high school teacher. The experience of marrying a Catholic girl enabled to grow in understanding of Catholic practices. In the early 1990’s, the softening of their stance on abortion of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America cause him to begin to search and wrestle with issues, eventually leading him to the Catholic Church. Tim wrote a book about Lutheran converts entitled: There We Stood, Here We Stand. Tim is an award-winning journalist, the author of six books on religion and culture, and a former radio host. Widely published, and a long-time contributor to the National Catholic Register, he serves as Senior Editor/Director of News Operations for the Cardinal Newman Society.

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