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What Does it Mean to be Deep in History? – Marcus Grodi, Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson and Ken Hensley

February 15, 2019 No Comments

Marcus Grodi, Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson and Ken Hensley, who were all led to the Catholic Church in part by John Henry Newman, reflect on Newman’s famous quote: “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.”

Each of them discusses what it means for them to be “deep in history,” and how studying the early Church and the Reformation re-shaped their understanding of Christianity. For Marcus Grodi (a Presbyterian minister), Msgr Steenson (an Episcopal Bishop) and Ken Hensley (a Baptist pastor), this pursuit led them somewhere they never expected: the Catholic Church.

They also discuss information related to The Coming Home Network’s first ever Deep in History pilgrimage to Italy, September 23-October 4, 2019, with visits to Rome, Assisi, Orvieto and Siena. For more information on CHNetwork Pilgrimages, visit