2009 Conference- Pillar and Bulwark of TruthDeep in History

The Verse I Never Saw – Marcus Grodi

Marcus Grodi | February 14, 2018 2 Comments

In this talk from our 2009 Deep in History Conference, Coming Home Network founder and president Marcus Grodi looks at the question of Christian authority. Who has the right to teach and interpret Scripture? Who gets to say what the Bible really means, especially in regard to its more challenging passages? Marcus looks at the question of Christian authority in light of I Timothy 3:14-15, where St. Paul refers to the Church as the “pillar and bulwark of the truth,” and asks the hard question that every Christian must ask: How do I know if my take on Scripture is the right one?

  • Wackopacko

    Mr. Grodi does a great job articulating the hurdle of authority found within the Protestant paradigm.

  • Jim Nowakowski Sr.

    I never thought about this in this way. I’m talking with some non Catholics and will try this approach with them. Thank you for your inspiration Mr. Grodi.